Anindita Paul

Post-doctoral Fellow

Ashraya Ravikumar

Graduate Student
B.E. Computer Science and Engg, SSN College of Engineering-Anna University, Chennai


My projects are aimed towards understanding stereochemistry of proteins and peptides and applications to protein structure determination and validation. I am also particularly interested in studying functionally important strained conformations found in proteins.

Gayatri Kumar

Graduate Student
M.Sc, Biotechnology, Jain University, Bangalore.

I am attempting to use protein like artificial sequences to bridge the gap between sequence and structural domains. Using the design strategy developed in our lab, artificial protein like sequences, intermediately relating SCOP families were generated in an attempt towards remote homology detection. In an attempt to give structural cues for sequence families without structural information I am employing designed sequences in my study. I am also, interested in studying the energy landscape of these artificial sequences and whether they adopt the fold of the parent SCOP families. Future prospects involve, exploring the unchartered fold space using both the undirected and directed sequence design approaches developed in the group.

Himani Tandon

Graduate Student,
M.Sc. Bioinformatics, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry.

Janaki Ch

Graduate Student, under External Registration Programme (ERP).
M.Sc, Genetics,Advance Diploma in Bioinformatics, Principal Technical Officer, C-DAC, Bengaluru.

I am working on developing computational methods for detecting remote homologues of proteins. To gain better insights into the protein structure and function, I study evolutionary relationships between protein families, superfamilies and folds through large-scale data analysis using high performance computing clusters.

Naveen Kumar N

Research Assistant of Dr. R. Sowdhamini, NCBS, Bangalore. Collaboration with
Prof. N. Srinivasan, IISc, Bangalore
M.Sc, (Bioinformatics),University of Madras, Chennai.


Understanding the functional relevance of asymmetry in heterodimeric proteins. Symmetric form often confers stability and prevalent in oligomeric proteins but mild pertubation from symmetry will be essential for dynamic functions.

Sandhya Sankaran

Research Associate,
Ph.D., Manipal University,
M.Sc., Biotechnology, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry.

Seemadri Subhadarshini

Graduate Student,
B.Tech., Biomedical Engineering, NIT

Sneha Bheemireddy

Graduate Student
Integrated MSc. Systems Biology, Central University of Hyderabad

Sohini Chakraborti

Graduate Student
M.S. (Pharm) in Pharmacoinformatics, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Hajipur (Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Dept. of Pharmaceuticals, Govt. of India).

My research focuses mainly on understanding the general principles of protein-ligand interactions and its applications in drug discovery..

Srinivasan N.

Ph.D., Indian Institue of Science

Yazhini Arangasamy

Graduate Student
B.Tech (Biotech), PSG Tech-Anna University

My research strives to improve our understanding of structural and mechanistic attributes of macromolecular complexes through sequence homology. Also, it involves the probing of genomic data to identify species specific features by comparative sequence analysis.

Vasam Manjveekar Prabantu

Graduate Student
B.Tech (Biotech), Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

Saranaya Marimuthu

Graduate Student with Asst.Prof Rahul Roy, Chemical Engineering IISc Bangalore
B.Tech Biotechnology,National Institute of Technology, Calicut


Tanzeel Ahmed

Int. PhD Student, Division of Biological Sciences, IISc


Undergradutate Student, IISc


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